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"Full Achievement Reward" It's the Sign of our Confidence

We are a Growth-Hack-Group organized only with Excellent Marketer, Designer, Engineer and Copywriter.
We do improve your business revenue .

Ideal form of Marketing

It's the times for all salesmen, creators and designers have to know more about a Marketing.
Does the person who work with you and the company certainly knows about a Marketing?
It’s about Branding? No, it’s not what I’m talking… We could not make increasing our revenue only by Blanding...

It's not on such the times already!!

Shiroh Okazeri documentary

CEO (Shiroh Okazri) Profile

Shiroh Okazeri
Born in 1982. Chuo University dropout.
ZEX Pte.Ltd. CEO & Founder
Sales Writer and Marketer, Resident in Singapore.

Break into the Web Marketing industry in 2011.
Acquired number of 2 thousands lists in a day only via SEO after he reviewed the site design on his first work with a Web-Media “Facebook Guide” which is giving lesson the operation of Facebook.
After that, his occupation is Marketing Consulting with mainly making full use of DRM.
Made seven times sales for a company of Water Purifier Cartridge.
On the launch of a medical department vocational prep school, brought over a hundred million yen revenue to the client with fully booked the class packages average costed 3 million yen per customer within 2 weeks.
And, brought a first place to the author on his book publication by deal with Amazon Campaign, revenue significantly increased and Customer acquisition unit price decreased for a Japanese SAKE subscription model (distribution group) consulting, he continuously achieves the results regardless any genre.
Great number of business results for B to B consulting.

Break into the market of Internet business in 2013.
His Copywriting skill is great and the industry leading, had won 68% conversion rate for the access numbers.
On the Opt Affiliate, acquired number of 3 thousands hits for just one campaign, innumerable first places of the total ranking.
On the OBA project (current project name is Another Way) he served as president, got the result of 1.7 billion revenue and 140 thousand lists in a year.
Produced overwhelming achievements for the promotion he got engaged.

Sell out 1.32 billion yen and got 86 thousand effective lists within a month when he joined to the producing of the masters-map with Mr.Hiromitsu Hataoka in March-2016.
Handled attracting customers on the promotion of the Crest with Mr.DAIJIRO ABE in Sep-2016, sell out 1.56 billion yen, got 46 thousand lists in two weeks.

Nowaday, he is giving high priority for dispatching the information and development of his junior.

Another Way Blog

Another Way Blog


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CEO Shiroh Okazeri